The first meeting of what is now the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc was held on 20 October 1947. The Association was initially named the Ringwood Traders Association and very soon afterwards changed their name to the Ringwood Trade and Commerce Association. The Association then became the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce in 1953 and affiliated with the Associated Victorian Chambers of Commerce.

The name was finally changed to the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the seventies, to encompass all commerce and industry in our area.

Over the past 50 years the Chamber has been actively involved in the affairs of Ringwood.
Some of the more notable of these involvements have been:

  • The organisation of the procession to celebrate the declaration of Ringwood as a city in 1960.
  • The introduction of the idea of a large shopping centre to the Ringwood Council which resulted in Eastland.
  • The Chamber led the agitation for the retention of the memorial Clock Tower, the most significant landmark in Ringwood, and was without a doubt responsible for it being erected on its present site.
  • The decision by the then Ringwood Council to provide the rezoning of the area upon which Ringwood Market and Target Square are sited was due in large to the original representation of the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Chamber was actively involved in taking the ‘No Tolls’ on Eastlink Campaign to the State & Federal Governments.

The Ringwood Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc is a long standing and much respected organisation which has represented the interests of those involved in trade, commerce and industry in Ringwood for over 50 years.